With growing world populations the need to food and thus fertilizers is growing. To reduce the impact of this trend on the planet the ambition to produce fertilizers sustainably is set. To work towards the production of more sustainably produced fertilizers, new production technologies need to be developed and integrated. In this quest, three targets strive for Zero carbon dioxide emissions, High Energy Efficiency, and Low CAPEX. 

In collaboration with its research and industrial partners, Voltachem has drafted a preliminary roadmap for the technology development necessary to reach these targets.

Starting from the current technology (Haber-Bosch process) the fertilizer production further improved through three routes. These routes differ in process conditions, from severe to mild process conditions and from drop-in alternatives for the current technology to disruptive new production methods.  

Technology developments that are relevant for the fertilizers value chain are investigated through the different research program lines. On the short term, Power-2-Heat can already be applied in existing ammonia production with the aim of reducing CO2 footprint. Power-2-Hydrogen will play a role in the development of green ammonia on mid-term.

To accelerate the development of the technology, fruitful collaborations between the different stakeholders in the Ammonia/Fertilizers value chain is crucial. Through the Power-2-Integrate research program, the impact of industrial electrification on this value chain is further explored and new collaborations are set up. Together with various partners, both industrial and research-oriented, the next steps towards the implementation of industrial electrification in the fertilizers value chain are taken.

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