With the global goal for reducing carbon emissions, a challenge remains in the transportation sector. For the aviation, maritime and heavy (long-haul) trucking the prospects of synthetic fuels offer interesting opportunities. Specifically, Power-2-Fuels offers a long term opportunity. Power-2-Fuels combines COand H2O with renewable electricity to produce synthetic versions of various fuels. A distinction can be made between Power-2-Gas, producing gaseous fuels like H2 and CH4, or Power-2-Liquids, producing liquid fuels like synthetic kerosine, methanol or formic acid. Depending on each specific transportation modality, one or multiple fuels may be the preference for use. However, there are opportunities for synergy between these sectors.

To accelerate the development, production, and adoption of these sustainable fuels in the transportation sector it is important to take a value chain approach working together with all the relevant parties. It is important to involve the relevant stakeholders at the necessary times. The Power-2-Fuels value chain can be captured in the simplified scheme. This triangle captures the three core pillars (fuel producers, vehicle producers, and end users) and their respective suppliers or clients. Together these parties can accelerate the development and adoption of Power-2-Fuels technologies.

Technology developments that are relevant for the fuels value chain are investigated through the different research program lines. On the short term, Power-2-Heat can already be applied in existing refineries with the aim of reducing CO2 footprint.
Power-2-Hydrogen and Power-2-Chemicals will play a role in the development of synthetic fuels on mid- and long-term.

The impact of industrial electrification technologies on the value chain itself is further investigated through the
Power-2-Integrate research program. Together with various partners, both industrial and research-oriented, the next steps towards the implementation of industrial electrification in the fuels value chain are taken.

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