The VoltaChem Shared Innovation Program embraces the goal of open innovation: to share ideas, efforts, costs, and risks, and to reduce time to market for the new process and product innovation. There are multiple ways to participate in the program. A unique way to participate is to join our VoltaChem Community. The VoltaChem Community is intended for industrial parties interested in industrial electrification. It is a platform to meet relevant stakeholders in the entire value chain, exchange knowledge and explore interesting investment opportunities together. In the VoltaChem Community, all partners that participate in the various technology development programs or are interested in the potential of electrification are united. Together, the future of electrification, road mapping, and (inter)national agenda-setting are discussed. 

VoltaChem invites organizations to join our community with stakeholders from the chemical industry, electricity sector, high-tech industry, and the public sector. 

With the VoltaChem Community we aim to: 

  1. Bring together stakeholders from relevant sectors, like chemicals, energy, equipment industry and service providers in an exclusive forum.
  2. Develop and maintain a multi-year high-level roadmap for implementation of electrification and decarbonization in the industry and society as a whole.
  3. Work on specific high-level non-technical projects that are needed for implementation of the roadmap.

Member benefits

Companies that join VoltaChem's Community benefit from specific advantages:

  1. Community members get the exclusive opportunity to participate in one or more program lines and directly influence the direction of the roadmap.
  2. Members get access to dedicated workshops and (inter)national events and are first to receive the results from VoltaChem’s program lines
  3. Members receive two days of bilateral consulting for free.
  4. The community is an excellent opportunity to meet relevant stakeholders across the entire value chain, exchange knowledge and explore business opportunities together.

Community meetings

As a member of the VoltaChem community, you have special access to our members-only events held several times a year. For our Community members we offer: VoltaChem's Monthly Munchies. All aimed at inspiring you and facilitating exchange even further. Furthermore, we organize the VoltaChem Annual Event. In 2024, the Annual Event will take place on April 9th.


Join Us

VoltaChem invites companies in the process industry, electricity sector, and equipment sector to join the VoltaChem's Community. The annual participation fee is EUR 5.000,-. Members receive free access to the online community, exclusive VoltaChem workshops and discounts on joint events with other organizations. To make the membership more appealing to SME's we offer a special SME proposition. SME's can participate in kind in VoltaChem's Community. The in-kind contributions will be determined together and reviewed annually by VoltaChem Community Manager.

When joining, together we will discuss and shape the collaboration between your company and Voltachem. If your company is an SME, this is where we will determine the in-kind contribution together. There is a possibility to attend one of the community meetings free of charge as an introduction to the community.

Free trial

Although our community sessions are organized exclusively for our members, we offer organizations that are considering joining the VoltaChem Community, the opportunity to attend one of our community sessions free-of-charge. This enables you to assess the added value of membership for your organization. If you like to get a taste, fill in the 'Interested' form below with your motivation and our Community manager Yvette Veninga will come back to you, to assess together whether this free trial applies to you.

Are you interested in joining the VoltaChem community or do you still have any questions regarding the activities of the community, you can contact our Community Manager Yvette Veninga or use the 'Interested' form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.  

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