Collaboration Partners

VoltaChem has established an international network of collaboration partners from industry and academia. Next to the VoltaChem Business Community, we are highly connected to academic and industrial networks and active in subsidized projects and research collaborations. We closely collaborate with partners from the energy sector, the process industry, with equipment suppliers & licensors, and with policy and knowledge and industry organizations. Together, we have been working on decarbonizing energy consumption and recarbonizing raw materials since 2014 with one final goal: a climate neutral industry in 2050. Our collaboration partners from our network are listed below. 

If your company is not a VoltaChem Community member or collaboration partner yet, and if you would like to get involved, then please get in touch!

Contact persons

Martijn de Graaff

Program Director VoltaChem

+31 6 222 608 71


Reinier Grimbergen

Principal Consultant Power-2-X

+31 6 271 438 18


Lennart van der Burg

Business development Power-2-Hydrogen

+31 6 439 546 85


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