Shared Innovation Program VoltaChem has various lab facilities at its disposal. These lab facilities are available to members of the Voltachem program and its Business Community. If you have any questions regarding the facilities and their use please contact us.


Test rig for long term testing of separation and conversion of hydrogen to products

Cate test rig for high pressure conversion of hydrogen to products 

Electrolyzer test stations

Sorption Enhanced Dimethyl Ether Synthesis (SEDMES)

Farady lab in Petten

Solide Oxide Electrolysis  testing facilities (cells/stack) in Petten

Solide Oxide Cell manufacturing facilities in Petten


H-cell electrochemical cells

Bench-scale atmospheric electrochemical test bed

Integrated downstream processing test bed

High pressure CO2 electroreduction test bed

ZEUS, independent testing facility for CO2 electrolysis cells, stacks & components in our lab at Rijswijk

PERFORM, highly efficient and integrated electrochemical system that can substantially improve sustainable production of valuable building blocks from bio-based feedstocks 

CODEC, serves as an electrochemical stripper & regenerator for a rich CO2 solvent stream, stripping out the CO2 in gas form, and subsequently regenerating the solvent to a lean CO2 capture solvent

Plasmalab at Brightsite in Geleen

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