Adoption of electrification from renewable sources can be accelerated when the broader ecosystem, investment drivers and barriers are better understood in terms of energy, feedstock and product, spatial planning and business impact.  Power-2-integrate brings together stakeholders from different sectors who need to work together to accelerate development and adoption. By providing insight into drivers and barriers for electrification adoption, the product lines put governments and the private sector in a better position to make policy and investment decisions timely.

Power-2-Integrate focuses on:

  • Continuous business and technology scouting to understand the latest worldwide developments in the field of industrial electrification.
  • System and economic models and scenario are for developing the understanding of regional and (inter)national industrial electrification opportunities.
  • Business case and business model evaluation tooling to be able to evaluate technological and business opportunities.
  • Understanding of the impact of policy and regulations on industrial electrification business cases.

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Yvette Veninga

Program Management Power-2-Integrate/Community Management




Martijn de Graaff

Program Director VoltaChem

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